Located backstage right with its own exterior entrance. Room is 45’ x 54’ with a hard wood floor. Kitchen facilities are not available. Phone available for calls placed to other rooms within the facility and local calls. Space is permanently equipped with audio monitor with video stage monitor available upon request. The room can be used as additional dressing room space and is equipped with full-length mirrors on one wall.


No space is permanently assigned for visiting production staff; however shared facilities can be made available. Phone service is local only; long distance must be arranged with PAC manager in advance.


Standard industrial kit available from PAC manager or any member of production crew.


Rehearsal space available in adjacent band or choir classrooms. Contact PAC manager for availability.


PAC manager is on-site for all events. Technical crews are hourly, consisting of  predominantly trained students, with community members as needed, scheduled by the PAC manager. Ushers are the responsibility of the user organization. A Bay Port Technical Staff member must be present at all times when the facility is in use.


The Performing Arts Center has first refusal rights for all patron food and beverage service. Contact the production manager for further information. Remember food and drinks are not allowed in the auditorium. Other concession items, including but not limited to, show programs, merchandise, novelties, and flowers, may be permitted to be sold only with advance approval from the production manager in writing attached to your contract.


Located on the west side of the auditorium, 10’x12’ rolling door (into shop), 10’x12’ (from shop to hallway, hallway to stage). Loading doors are offset by 4’. Open-air, covered dock is also available with access from hallway.

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